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FIC Insurance Agency Has The Coverage You Need For Home Insurance. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy – and thank goodness, our home insurance rates are sure to blow you away, it’s not a twister, it’s FIC Insurance Agency. Our home insurance quotes and policies are made to fit your particular situation and need so we now offer completely customized home insurance quotes, with a range of options, allowing the best possible selection in coverage and price. Keep in mind, not all home owners insurance policies are created equal. Deductibles and even your credit can affect the price and coverage options, but with FIC Insurance Agency, you’ve got a friend in the business.

Home Insurance policies can help protect your home from storm damage, fires & theft. In many states, home insurance is required by the lender to ensure coverage in the event of such incidents, and more importantly, you need a professional to guide and educate on the differences in these policies. Let’s be honest here, you don’t want surprises, so don’t be surprised by not having the coverage you needed.

For example, do you live in Florida? Did you know that Florida now requires Flood Insurance for home owners in high-risk areas? According to FloodSmart.gov, “Homes and buildings in high-risk flood areas with mortgages from federally regulated or insured lenders are required to have flood insurance. In high-risk areas, there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage.” What’s worse is that most insurance companies will not tell you that home owners insurance does not cover flood insurance!

Are you in the market for a new insurance policy? Look no further. FIC Insurance Agency can find you the best possible rates based on your particular coverage need and budget. We can get your quote prepared quickly, and even search for possible discounts ranging from safe drivers to students. We have been family owned and operated for over thirty years! This means we know all the tricks of the trade, offering you the best possible selection and price for your next insurance policy.

Our coverage options range from personal protection to commercial, flood insurance, and even renter’s coverage, we do it all! We offer all shapes and size insurance policies including cars, trucks, r/v’s, and even marine vessels. Since 1980, FIC Insurance Agency has been providing the best customer service in the industry, paired with customized policy selection making us the leader in personalized insurance quotes & policies.

Our licensed professionals can help you get the best possible rates in the business, and even work to find as many discounts as you qualify for! Buying automobile insurance requires research, patience, and diligence due to the complexity of insurance policy.

Our agents make the selection easy thanks to over thirty years of experience and knowledge in automobile insurance, policy, and claims. FIC Insurance Agency takes pride in our ability to find the best possible prices, selection options and flexibility, meaning you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have made the right choice. Let us help you with your next policy and show you the FIC Insurance way, call now!

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This is a fantastic office to work with, everyone here is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The quality of service at Peter’s agency shows they actually care about their clients, and they clearly explain any coverage options so you can make an informed decision. The staff here always work hard to find the lowest possible rates, while making sure the clients needs are met. Everyone should have an agent like FIC Insurance, highly recommended!
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