Learn More About Homeowners Airbnb Insurance

Learn More About Homeowners Airbnb Insurance

Learn More About Homeowners Airbnb Insurance

Are you searching for homeowners Airbnb insurance? If so, FIC Insurance Agency can help! These time of the year is high season for temporary renting services like Airbnb. If you are thinking of making an extra income and considering this type of business, you need to be aware of getting Airbnb insurance for tenants. These types of insurance provide a great deal of benefit to both home sharers and the guests as there can be some serious legal concerns only addressed through the right insurance policies. In this article, we will evaluate the relevant insurance policies for home sharing businesses and your ultimate solution.

Let’s start with Airbnb Insurance:

Directly Protection From Airbnb

Since Airbnb understands the issues that may arise when you are renting out your home for a small time, they provide a host protection insurance. However, if your guest brings a pet and it bites the neighbor’s kid, you may have to pay for their health expenses and a lawsuit out of pocket. Airbnb insurance model has certain gaps that are not covered by their policy.

Read Their Policy Disclaimer

Although, getting Airbnb insurance policy may sound like you are fully protected, well here’s the catch; you are not! While Airbnb promises to provide coverage of up to $1 million Host Guarantee, read their fine print carefully. You will notice that Airbnb does not even cover many damages. This makes it risky to share your home with Airbnb’s guest when they are not taking their responsibility in some cases.

Regular Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Everything

You may have a homeowner’s policy, but in most cases, it may not cover many aspects of a home sharing business. You should know that a homeowners’ policy is not a renters insurance. Airbnb insurance covers home repairs or any legal liability claim. However, don’t take chances by not having another insurance policy when it can protect you from paying thousands of dollars for something that could’ve been avoided.

The Solution: Renters Insurance

While the homeowners’ insurance and Airbnb insurance may not protect many things for the renter, the renters’ insurance policy which is specifically designed to protect the renters can fill the gaps that are skipped by other policies. The renters’ insurance policy can cover damages that are caused by the temporary guests to the rental unit and protect you if there is a legal lawsuit filed against you. The best part is that it may even protect the personal belongings of the renter depending on how frequently the unit is rented. This is by far the most significant and surefire solution to getting covered from all directions and conduct your home sharing business tension free.

FIC Agency Homeowners Airbnb Insurance

Now that you understand know important it is to get a Homeowners Airbnb Insurance; you can get it from a reliable company like FIC Insurance Agency. Our insurance company understands the home sharing business model and the technicalities that come with it. We are known for being the ones who help people get the best possible coverage when they are temporarily subletting their home with services like Airbnb. If you are interested to know more, make sure to give us a call at 800-582-4342 or get an insurance quote here.

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