Looking For Individual Health Insurance in Weston, FL?

Individual Health Insurance

Are you searching for individual health insurance? As opposed to group health benefits, individual health insurance is a very important consideration as will help you protect yourself against potential health costs in the present and in the future. Therefore it is critical for you to prepare yourself by purchasing your individual health plan. FIC Insurance Agency is a recommended choice. We offer reliable, individual and Individual Health Insurance  group health insurance services in Florida.

Why Hire Us?

Throughout our years of service, we at FIC Insurance Agency have been committed to promoting and supporting health care. We have a history of innovation and service and a long tradition of helping the communities in which we live and do our business.

We are committed to earning customer loyalty by providing various choices of affordable insurance products that suit all our clients’ needs, in addition to offering a service that exceeds their expectations.

Our Mission

To provide Florida’s community with access to innovative, reliable, and affordable health insurance plans as well as extended health services. Our excellent service exceeds our competitors and helps our clients feel respected.

To be the health insurer of choice for individuals, small businesses, families, and employers in the community we serve. Our values and caring about our clients is what set us apart from other insurance agencies. We listen to all the queries and requirements of our clients and understand what matters most.

Also, we are innovative in many ways. FIC Insurance Agency employs a customer-responsive team that balances advanced industry technology and personal touch. We are upfront with our clients and are easy to deal with. We look at all the problems as opportunities. Because our team is positive, and we help our clients achieve their dreams of healthy living.

Individual Health Insurance  We offer the following individual health insurance services:

Accident Coverage

Accidents can happen, in fact, they do happen. So it’s better to be prepared. Don’t let unforeseen medical costs get in the way of your plans for your future. Trust accident insurance coverage of FIC Insurance Agency and protect you from the unexpected and be prepared.

Short Term Health Care Coverage

Being without a health care coverage can be not only costly but also stressful. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable short-term health care insurance, plan to cover your needs, check out our various short-term health care coverage options.

Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance coverage can help you keep your smile healthy. If you have been neglecting dental insurance plans due to the fear of high costs, you can relax now knowing that we offer additional and affordable dental insurance coverage to keep you healthy with a leading dental plan.

Vision Insurance

There’s nothing more important than your sight. Caring for your eyes at every age is a must. However, it is often ignored when it comes to your overall health. Eyes change as you get older, just like other parts of your body they degenerate. So it is essential to get a vision insurance. FIC Insurance Agency makes it easier for you by offering different yet affordable vision insurance plans.

Other Insurance Services We Offer:

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