Why Some Cars Have Lower Insurance Quotes Than Others

Why Some Cars Have Lower Insurance Quotes Than Others

There is a confusion among people regarding car insurance quotes due to one person paying a certain amount while others in the same household are paying a different amount. To understand what decides the insurance quotes to go higher and lower, you will have to look at some critical determinants given below.

Car Insurance Quotes Deciding Factors


Deductibles are the additional payments that a policyholder will pay before an insurance provider can pay for any expenses. Deductibles usually result in additional coverage on your car insurance and the higher the deductible, the more expensive insurance quotes you will get.

The Car You Drive

Car insurance providers usually look at vehicle safety ratings based on the data collected from claims by customers with different makes and car models. This helps insurance providers know which car is safer in terms of driver and passenger protection. Car insurance quotes will range among the least secure cars, usually getting higher rates.

Frequency and Distance

How far and often you drive will determine the increase in insurance quote rates. If you use your car for long distances and frequently, you will have to pay higher premiums. The more miles you drive, the more you are at risk of getting into an accident and therefore, you will need to spend more money.

Living Location

The place where you live can also impact your car insurance quotes. Certain areas have a higher chance of theft and vandalism which means more opportunities for you claiming the insurance. This may also increase the amount of insurance premium you are paying. Also, areas, where people are driving without car insurance, would increase the risk of collision and not having the person at fault cover for the damage.

Driving Record

Your driving history plays a role in deciding your car insurance quotes. If you have some crashes under your belt in the past, then it means you may not be a safe driver — the risk of future crashes increases, as well as the insurance quote. Moreover, clean records may end up paying less amount of money.

Your Demographics

According to some accident statistics records, crash rates are higher in single males that are under 25 years of age. Meaning, these people may get higher car insurance quotes than people who are not single, male or under 25 years of age.

Credit History

Bad credit scores mean higher premiums and insurance providers use credit history to predict future insurance claims. On the other hand, if you maintain a good credit score, getting a lower car insurance quote is feasible.

FIC Insurance Agency

There are many other factors involved in car insurance quotes. However, the ones above are the most common determinants of higher or lower premiums. It is also suggested that you look at the policies of the insurance service providers to see what factors they take into account when deciding the insurance quotes. FIC Insurance Agency can do this for you and give you the best up to date car insurance quotes in the market! Give us a call at 800-582-4342


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