Looking For Mobile Home Insurance in Weston, FL?

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance

Are you looking for a mobile home insurance? Because burglaries, fires, floods, and hurricanes are on the rise in Florida, mobile home insurance has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Because if you have no insurance to protect your manufactured home, you could lose everything you own. If you are looking for an affordable insurance coverage for your mobile home, look no further; FIC Insurance Agency is here for you.

Why Hire Us?

FIC Insurance Agency is your dependable insurance agency. As your reliable source for insurance solutions and services, we pride ourselves on providing responsive and personalized customer support to our clients throughout the Florida area.

At FIC Insurance Agency, our primary aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers that will last for years to come. Our experienced and dedicated staff members can tailor solutions for your home, business, auto, life and health, and various other insurance needs by customizing each insurance product to your particular needs.

Our team is committed to offering clients with high-quality insurance plans along with the most reasonable rates. Whether you are shopping for a mobile home insurance, auto insurance, life, health, or business insurance, FIC Insurance Agency can help get you the best coverage possible with the lowest rates. With flexible payment plans that suit your budget and policies that are tailored to meet your needs, we are the top choice for all your insurance needs.

Mobile Home Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance

Coverage Highlights

Comprehensive Protection

Our mobile home insurance policy covers any cause of loss including fire, hail, wind, lightning, explosion, burst water pipes, storms, vandalism, etc. unless that cause is precisely excluded in our policy documents.

Stated Value Loss Settlement

In the event of total loss, our agency settles at the state value of your mobile home that is listed on your policy. There is zero depreciation deduction. In the event of a partial loss, the insurance company pays you the actual cash value of the loss. Furthermore, you can also upgrade the policy to a replacement cost valuation.

Personal Property

This pays to replace your personal property, furniture, clothing, electronics, sports equipment, bicycles, and tools when they have been destroyed or damaged by fire, vandalism, plumbing leaks, or storms.


You are covered for legal fees, property damage expenses, and medical claims if you or your family accidentally injures another person or damage their property.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

Our mobile home insurance policy covers your additional living expenses when your mobile home is being repaired or is uninhabitable. This coverage pays your restaurant bills, hotel bills, as well as other additional expenses.

Trip Collision Coverage

If your mobile home has been damaged during a move, this policy will cover repair or replacement costs.

Emergency Removal Coverage

This pays to relocate your mobile home when it is being threatened by an approaching hurricane, fire, or other perils.

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FIC has made insuring my homeowners and autos a refreshing experience. We look forward to always saving money with our homeowner’s policy and the ability to easily shop around for the best prices before our renewals. Please see them for all your insurance needs.
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