Saving On Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Saving On Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Helpful Tips To Save On Your Auto Insurance Today

With all the expenses one has in regards to their car – gas, maintenance, and of course car insurance; you auto insurance could be the easiest one to save money on. Taking time to review your policy, taking time to compare multiple quotes, and raising your deductible are just some of the ways you can start saving on car insurance.

Raise Your Deductibles

One easy way to reduce your premiums is to increase your car insurance deductibles so that you assume more of the risk for small claims. Just make sure that you choose limits you can comfortably afford, because you may need to pay for smaller claims out of your own pocket if an accident occurs.

Buy a low profile car

It’s cheaper to insure autos that are less likely to be stolen or cost less to repair. That means avoiding exotic or super premium brands — even used ones. A higher safety rating may also reduce your car insurance coverage. If you’re in the market for a new car, call your FIC agent to discuss the cost of insuring the model you’re considering.

Reduce insurance on older cars

As your car ages, it may not require as much insurance. You can save money on car insurance by reducing or eliminating collision or comprehensive coverage from your car insurance coverage. But remember: If your older car has sentimental or historical value, you may still want these types of coverage. Call your agent to discuss ways to sensibly reduce your car insurance coverages.

Keep your car maintained and drive defensively

To keep your costs down, keep your vehicle in good working condition by following the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. Be sure to drive carefully and follow posted traffic signs. Traffic violations and accidents can raise your premiums significantly.

Update your policy

Changing life circumstances may make you eligible for lower rates. Keep your agent informed if you get married or are no longer insuring a young driver.

Ask about discounts

There are many discounts you may be eligible to receive that could help you save money on car insurance. Some of these include discounts for:

  • Multiple policies
  • Being a loyal, long-term policyholder
  • Maintaining a good credit rating and excellent payment record
  • Safe driving
  • Good grades
  • Anti-theft devices

Finally, you never want to let you insurance policy lapse. This will not only look bad on you, but it can be more difficult for you to get auto insurance coverage again, so this is something that you do not want to let happen!

Our FIC Insurance Agency Team

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