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Commercial Insurance

Looking For Commercial Insurance in Weston, FL?

We know your business means everything to you. It’s also important to us. As an owner of a growing business, you face tough challenges every day. Make sure your business is adequately protected today and tomorrow with our business and financial products.

Small Business Insurance

Like you, FIC agents are small business owners and understand the importance of developing a plan for continued financial security. Your local State Farm agent can work with you to determine the right blend of insurance products and provide business insurance quotes specifically for you.

Financial Products

Building a team of employees is crucial to any small business. Keeping them is just as important. State Farm can help you develop an insurance and benefits package that allow you to attract and retain good people. We offer solutions for your business property and liability insurance needs, as well as commercial vehicle, workers compensation, health, life, retirement plans, and professional/specialty products insurance.

Property Insurance

As the name implies, property insurance covers your business for damage or loss to your business property. A good property insurance policy should cover:

  • Property fixtures, such as lighting systems or carpeting
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Office furniture
  • Computers and accessories (monitors, CD-ROM drives, modems, printers)
  • Inventory and supplies, and
  • Personal property that’s kept at the business site.

In addition to establishing what property is covered under a property insurance policy, you’ll need to understand which types of losses are covered. Most commercial property insurance policies provide either “basic,” “broad” or “special” form coverage, with special form policies offering the broadest coverage and basic the narrowest.

A basic form policy commonly covers fire, explosions, storms, smoke, riots, vandalism and sprinkler leaks. A broad form policy typically adds damage from broken windows and other structural glass, falling objects and water damage to the list of covered items. (Note that theft isn’t typically covered under either a basic or broad form policy, a fact that surprises many business owners.)

Special form coverage offers the widest range of protection, as it typically covers all risks (including theft), unless specifically excluded from the policy. While premiums for special form policies are more expensive, it may be worth the expense if your business faces multiple or unusual risks. Before purchasing any insurance policy, read it carefully to determine what types of damage are covered.

Also, make sure you understand the coverage limits on various policies, any deductibles or co-payments required, and how the insurance company pays claims. “Guaranteed replacement cost” insurance will reimburse you what it costs you to replace the property, not merely its current (depreciated) value. If your computer equipment is destroyed, for instance, this type of coverage will pay you as much as you’ll need to replace it — at today’s cost.


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