Tips For Hurricane Preparation

Tips For Hurricane Preparation

Tips For Hurricane Preparation 

Remember the lines when Wilma hit the west coast? Hurricane preparation is the key for any unexpected weather conditions. Be sure to fill up all of your gas tanks including propane for cooking since the power maybe out for a few weeks and you will need to eat during your camp out.

Batteries –

Batteries will power all of your electronic devices that maybe currently plugged into a AC outlet right now. Flashlights, radios and cellular phones will require batteries, power packs and chargers so you aren’t left in the dark.

Tips For Hurricane Preparation
Tips for Hurricane Preparation - FIC Insurance

Drinking Water –

Water resources maybe disconnected or damaged during a hurricane so it is good practice to make sure plenty of water is available in the event of an outage for whatever reason. Distilled water is your best bet for mid-term storage (3-6 months) since the water has no minerals and lasts longer on a shelf.

Bathing/Dish Water –

In addition to drinking water, you and your family will need water just for bathing and washing dishes. This water does not need to be drinkable so you can just fill a 2.5 gallon water jug with tap water before the storm and store the water so it may be used as necessary in an outage during a wind and rain event.

Radios –

Be sure you have a radio that takes batteries as well as AC power, since your electrical service maybe disconnected for up to two weeks – possibly more. Radios will vary in size and function and likewise, batteries last longer the smaller they are. Hand radios are also a good idea since communication will be reduced during a storm and you may be without news and other important information.

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