What is House or Homeowners Insurance?

What is House or Homeowners Insurance?

FIC Insurance Agency is a company located in South Florida that provides valuable coverage for all of your insurance needs such as homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, and even health insurance policies for families, individuals, and businesses. We have been helping countless indiviuals with insurance policies for over thirty years and continue to deliver positive results through best practice, principals and common sense. In this article we aim to give you a brief yet detailed synopsis of homeowners insurance sometimes called "house" insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Explained

Much like you would have a policy on your automobile in case of an accident, you would need to protect your home in the same way. Unlike automobile insurance, homeowners insurance is not required by state law and although it should be, you could end up spending big money on home repairs or replaced items from any event ranging from house fires to theft. Here are some examples of what any given homeowners' policy should cover which would be including but not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Lightning / Natural Events (Acts of God)
  • Wind / Hail / Sleet

What is not covered by homeowners' insurance:

  • Flood - Perhaps the most overlooked exception that can cause billions of dollars in damage every year - flood insurance is a standalone policy that may be bundled with other policies and can often reduce the cost of a premium.
  • Personal Injury - Homeowners' insurance does not over slips and falls or any other expense in the even of a loss.
  • Business - Any damaged caused by commercial work in the home will not be covered by homeowners' insurance.
  • Industrial - Running a shop in your home where you perform work in anyway such as automotive, aviation or water craft will not be covered by homeowners' insurance.

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